Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pink Kimono

Found a new site! It's called Wedding Inspirasi.

This isn't quite what I'd call a 'trail'  because I was just on one site and didn't search the whole damn world-wide-web to find what I was looking for, like when I was looking for a summer dress on eBay.

So guess it's just a 'thing'.

The post was displaying a range of wedding kimonos from a Japanese site called Scena D'uno. It's quite an old post, actually (2010), but who cares.

Here we go.

Okay, I cheated. It's not pink. (duh)

But I love the detailing on this kimono. Plus the lilac is cute enough to welcome it into our pinky family. I love her make-up as well, the eyes are so bold but the pink is so gentle, and then the dash of purply-pink on the cheeks. Aw.

Jeez! This is great! I love how the rose print on the fabric isn't overpowering, I kindaaaa can't stand a messy floral cacophony on dresses. At all. But the outfit above got it just right. The flower in the hair is a lot bigger than I would suggest, but somehow it works.

These two compliment each other nicely. The left outfit is the pink kimono above this one, but from the back. I like the blue because of the contrast, but in all honesty, what I like most is the way the two outfits look together. Like, if friends or sisters or twins wore them together.

A guilty confession: that is sometimes what draws me to certain fashion items - not the actual item itself (which is normally quite boring by itself) but the way the outfit looks on the rack or mannequin next to its variations. *cough* Anyway...

Pink and white are always a perfect match in my eyes. Plus, I love that the white detailing is lace on the kimono, makes it look so dainty.

I know I said I liked the huge flower before, but it's lost its appeal on me now. It practically covers her whole head, and it would just be nice to see a little more of her hair.


I'm not sure why I included this one. On second thought, I don't actually like it very much. The flowers aren't distinct enough for me, though I like that the obi-sash is high, like, at bust height, because it makes the kimono look like a long, flowing chiffon robe. And I like the colours.

Buuuuut that's about it.

I adore everything about this - the colours, the style, the detailing, the look of the fabric, the hairstyle and hair accessory, and I really like the gold drum knot (taiko musubi, if I'm not wrong) with the flowers along it. It just looks really pretty.

White, pink and gold, with a hint of green on the inside sleeve. A splash of colour with the fan. Flowers dotted throughout the hair. Need I say more? This is boss!

Next time, I think I'll have to post something Jade Rose related. I do love her to death, and she doesn't get enough screen time. Mata ne for now. ^_^

Have a pink day!

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