Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pink Gingham TRAIL !!! (Basically a Hell Bunny Trail.)

So, naturally, Hell Bunny are so awesome that they'll have to get their own post at some point. I was searching for a pink gingham dress because I saw the Boohoo bodice below, and I thought - *gaaasp!* (lol) perfect colour and design, exactly what I wanted... (!) ... on a DRESS. Bodice itself it a bit too revealing for me... you know how I feel about the stomach showing thing... or do you? Crop Tops post here.

Boohoo "Amelia" Bodice (Sold Here)

This watermark is very... subtle *teehee* XD

^ Sweet Lolita Gingham Dress (Sold Here)
Sooo pretty. I don't know if it would suit me, but I'd love to wear it to a comic con or something.

I think I was also drawn by the shape. It's a trap I fall into a lot, especially when shopping in Camden Market. It tricks me into thinking it would looks like that on me, but actually it wouldn't because I have no figure. I have narrow hips so I can't even pretend like I had a tiny waist like I (MAYBE) could if I had an hourglass figure or whatever. So, there's that concern. Otherwise, WHATEVER X3

^ Hell Bunny "Charlotte" 50's Dress (Sold Here)
This one I like, though the pink is a bit too dark for me. I'd prefer baby pink. Also I'm not a fan of halter-neck dresses (strain on the neck, slight chance of the tie unravelling, back bare, just SO many reasons XP no srsly O_O ) I think I'd love to dress it up on someone... just not me!

^ Hell Bunny "Lazy River" (?) Dress (Sold Here)
Again, pink is a bit dark but I love the design. I like that there's nothing sticking on it or out from it, no bizarre embellishments that would take away from the sweet simplicity of the dress. I like seeing the colours side by side, but by themselves they're actually all too dark for me *laughing* is that weird?!! I've done that before, I think! Yellow Purple Magenta >> Daffodil Lilac Babypink.

^ Hell Bunny "Lana" Dress (Sold Here)
Very cute, although it has the exact embellishment problem that I was wary of in the comment above. Makes me a bit =/

^ Hell Bunny "Jinmu" Dress (Sold Here)
I'm really into corset-style tops and dresses at the moment, so the white tie-front I really adore. The tie pockets are also really cute, but it's the tied-bows at the hem AS WELL that push it over the edge for me. Just a bit too much. But generally, gorgeous.

^ Hell Bunny Pin Up Dress (Sold Here)
Okay so, I think somebody was selling their dress on ebay...? This isn't a studio pic so I wasn't sure if it was a business seller or what. But I adore the design of this, the buttons, pockets and low collar with the frills on it, so sweet! One of my faves, I think...

^ Hell Bunny Vixen Rockabilly Dress (Sold Here)
I love the skirt of this dress. Would be amaaazing with a petticoat.

^ Hell Bunny Ivana Dress Pink (Sold Here)
Okaaay, I know it's not gingham but these stripes seem faint in the picture so it's cool. I really love the style of this, how the bow is, how some stripes are vertical and some horizontal, it's all very flattering.

Anywhoo, no more dresses for me. I swear, I have bought between 5-10 dresses this year which is a LOTT. (about 4 were for summer, about 3 for milder weather... something like that) I actually really need tops now...

wib lub,
Queenofpink JR xx


  1. I adore the 50's looking dresses soo much :) Especially the hell bunny pin up dress *w* I always wanted one like that in red! I go check it out :P

    1. Ahh me too. I have always loved dresses of this design but I'd never known what they were called! Oh, funny you should say, I saw these 3 following dresses you may like. (eBay, as usual. I'm a bit of an eBay addict. XD ) I only came across them because I was considering cosplaying... =D

      [ 1 ] ( Red Polka Dot w/ Cut Out Detail )

      [ 2 ] ( Red Polka Dot w/ Turn Down Collar )

      [ 3 ] ( Red Nautical Style Halter-Neck Dress )

      They're in my wish list though, but I don't think it suits me to wear a lot of red! Thank you for your lovely comment :3

  2. I love these dresses! The 50s were so fashionable!

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Let's stay in touch! <3

    New Blog Post: How to Start 2014 With The Right Attitude

    1. I know. I'd never thought about it before, but it's true =) You're welcome. I'd be glad to!

  3. Love the dresses! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting :3 I sure would! Just checked out your blog, the photography is lovely. +GFC.

  4. Thanks for stopping, trying to follow you back but couldn't...


    1. Hi again! That's strange, someone else has said that to me as well. I usually try:

      1. Follow via widget on the page - of course mine's not working =( it might be restored after a page refresh
      2. Follow via putting blog add in the 'Add' button, underneath the words 'reading list' on the Blogger dashboard.

      If those don't work, I have no clue! >.< I hope that helps. Have a happy new year, and keep up with your awesome blog.

  5. Nice outfits! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, thank YOU for commenting! I do love comments XD thanks for sharing the lovee. =]

      Happy New Year!

  6. Oh my gosh. You love everything i do. Pink. Hell bunny, dresses! Fab read :)

    1. Thank you Scarlett! Much appreciated :)