Friday, 2 May 2014

River Island PINK'D

Took me such a long time to do this post. *sigh*

A while back, I saw that river Island were promoting pink, I'm guessing for whatever trend what happening at the time, so naturally I had to do a post on it. Shame I couldn't do the post when it was ACTUALLY trending! =P

... and here's a few I liked.

River Island Pink Embossed Leather Jacket [ HERE ]

River Island Light Pink Patent Biker Jacket [ HERE ]

River Island Light Pink Mini Structured Tote Bag [ HERE ]

River Island Light Pink Superskinny Jeans [ HERE ]

River Island Pink Burnout Print Cut Out Prom Dress [ HERE ]


OH! I have a question.

Can somebody tell me why Google does this?
(left) Tinypic upload  - (right) Blogger upload


I have been doing some Pink-Spotting...

I love this blazer. This was on the front page of ebay. What a pretty summery outfit.

From a Superdrug Beautycard email.
Didn't she already have a perfume out? =/

Until next time!


Pinkster xx


  1. Hello from Spain: great proposals. I like your choice in pink. Keep in touch

  2. Ooooooooh myyyy!!! That dress is soooooo beautiful *O*

    1. I knoww. Look at the SHADE! =D
      (I'm sorry I haven't been around lately! Very very busy! Thanks for your support, very much appreciated. =] )